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In 2005 your EscapeBnB hosts Annette and Bob opened the award-winning Escape Fine Art Gallery, showcasing the very best talents of local artists. Since then, through their association with the world’s largest gallery, they have placed many works by local artists onto the world stage by international exposure. These works and many others from some of the greatest artists in history are part of the art experience for guests staying at Escape BnB in Pottsville.

Escape Fine Art Gallery is a private Gallery. Artworks can be viewed by invitation.

Guests staying at EscapeBnB can purchase works at special VIP prices.

Here are a few sample limited edition works from local artists we are proud to represent. Not all images shown may be available. Please contact us to discuss your selection and price. Artworks can be shipped worldwide. Postal delivery is free within Australia and New Zealand.

Katherine Castle

Katherine is well recognised as one of Australia’s leading wildlife artists. Her ability to capture the mood and beauty of her subjects is extraordinary. After enjoying strong success internationally with her globally licensed product lines Katherine is now able to concentrate full time on her passion for wildlife and any of her works are a great investment for collectors. Katherine says “I draw upon my artistic knowledge of light, color, texture, shape, and composition combined with the knowledge and love of my subjects themselves, to create my art. Light can transform even the most mundane of scenes, as well as that which is already beautiful, into something magical. I endeavor to capture moments like this in my artwork, in my own style, and the essence of life in the wildlife I paint.”

Frank Miles

Frank is a superlative Bronze Sculptor. Frank was born in Zimbabwe and spent his early life as a child of the bushveld. A lifelong intimacy with nature is captured in all his wildlife sculptures and it is that which gives them such a presence in private, public and corporate collections worldwide. After graduating with a B.Sc(Hons), majoring in Botany and Zoology, he travelled extensively in Africa, Europe and America. On return to Africa and the bushveld he so loved, his artistic talents matured into the creation of superb bronze sculptures of African wildlife and people. Frank made a wide study of various methods of bronze casting and finally formulated the unique process which, combined with his inspired talent, distinguishes his work. His move to Australia in 2004 resulted in a change of direction with wonderful perceptions of the human form in a social context. As a Master Sculptor, Franks’ works are produced in limited bronze editions, after which the moulds are completely destroyed. Certificates of Authentication are produced for each piece.

Barry McCann

Australian artist, creates, sells and teaches art. A recipient of numerous awards and prizes, Barry’s works are in collections around the world. His subject matter usually involves an animated object with a dramatic light effect and he enjoys the constant challenge of trying to portray the illusion of both movement and form with a narrative theme. The pursuit of conveying beauty in his work is paramount. He believes that art is a visual language and should need little explanation…you should just like looking at it. Finding the middle ground where traditional representational art can be fused with a more modern look is something he strives for. Barrys’ work usually portrays a traditional scene and is painted using loose edges, obvious brushstrokes, dribbles, spatter or “movement lines” all of which are used in contemporary art practices. Barry would like his viewers to not have an opinion of his work, but a connection or a response.

Donna Sharam

Australian artist. Donna studied Fashion Design and became addicted to the vibrancy and colour of fabrics before turning to full time painting. Her flair for the mix of colour and her quirky style is evident in all of her works. Having sold over 500 originals in the first 10 years of painting Donna has works on display on homes all over the world. Donna says “I think the brush merely tints the canvas, it is imagination that produces art. I have always been drawn to the quirky and different, normal is not a word I use. My work owes nothing to tradition. I paint with joy and passion and my art is for everyone. Colour and texture collide on the canvas to create works that are truly unique and joyful in style and execution.” This is an artist boldly setting a new trend and rapidly becoming incredibly successful. 

Graeme Stevenson

Graeme’s art hangs in galleries and many private collections throughout the world. His work has featured prominently in American publications US Art Magazine and International Artist Magazine where he is described as a Master Artist. In 2010 Graeme turned his talent to creating from scratch his now internationally recognised TV show “Put Some Color in Your Life”, designed to create for posterity a library of the minds of artists and to demonstrate the benefits of art to the world. In each episode Graeme and the film crew meet a different artist in the artists’ own studio to record what they do and how they do it. The show is now screened around the world and shown on TV in 13 countries. Graeme continues his passion for painting and his works are highly sought after. Truly Graeme is a larger than life Master Artist of breathtaking skill with a passion for helping others.

Lyn Diefenbach

Australian artist and global teacher. Originally a landscape painter in oils, she set her sights on achieving masterly quality and technique within her work to give her inspiration wings for flight. The quality of Lyn’s work, especially her exquisite florals are achieving international recognition and awards. She is a member of the International Guild of Realism and has achieved Master Circle status with the International Association of Pastel Societies. She holds Master Pastellist status with the Pastel Society of Australia. Her work and philosophies have been published in numerous magazines and books. Lyn describes herself as a painter of reality and she delights in giving the illusion of the three dimensional on a two dimensional surface and is intrigued by complexity. 

Robert Todonai

Robert is recognised for his mastery of narrative impressionism. Although better known for his paintings of the Australian Outback, he is equally proficient in most areas of painting and works across a wide variety of subjects including portraits and science-art abstracts. He receives commissions on a regular basis. Robert Todonai usually prefers to paint in oils on stretched canvas, Belgian linen or printed artboard, either on location or from sketches. For over thirty years his work has been promoted by some of Australia’s major art galleries, representing Australia’s most well known painters. Throughout the 80s and 90s he participated in a major series of touring exhibitions entitled, Australian Art Masters – Past, Present and Future, and was a feature artist at the Waltzing Matilda Centenary Exhibition at Winton, in 1995. His work has also received acclaim through the media, with his paintings being awarded as prizes to contestants on the television game shows, Sale of the Century and Wheel of Fortune. As well as in Australia, he has exhibited overseas including the Pacific Design Centre in Hollywood, and the Dyansen Galleries on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, by invitation of the Thalian Society of Hollywood. 

Robert Pope

Robert Pope is a Science-Artist and is Director of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia Incorporated. He is represented in Marquis Who’s Who of the World as an artist-philosopher. At the Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy, 1979, China’s most highly awarded physicist, Kun Huang, explained to him how he might use his theories to measure the life-force field governing the evolution of seashell life forms over 50 million years of space-time. Pope returned to Australia and established his Science-Art Research Centre of Australia and within a few years, Italy’s leading scientific journal, Il Nuovo Cimento published his Centre’s seashell discovery. In 1990 the world’s largest technological research institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted the optics discovery as one of the important discoveries of the 20th Century. In 1995 The Institute for Basic Research in America transposed the work into a physics format embracing the optimum growth and development of all life-forms, awarding Pope a full professorial title. He received a 2009 Gold Medal Laureate Award from the Telesio Galilei Academy of Science London for linking the seashell discovery to the stereoscopic art theories of Salvador Dali. His research into the artistic theories of the Golden Age of Danish Science led to his Centre’s ability to make Dali’s theories visible for the first time to the general public. His stereoscopic artwork is now represented by the world’s largest commercial art gallery, Park West, in America. His Centre is now working with Italian Science-Artists to apply first principle stereoscopic logic within cancer research art exhibitions throughout the world. Robert Pope’s Science-Art paintings are symbolic icons of the 21st Century Renaissance.


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