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We just seem to get the best ever guests! Forever interesting and personable. And we just love hearing their story while sharing a lazy breakfast. And for being so privileged to enjoy this good fortune, recently saw fit to honour us with an award! This is the third time in three years we have been presented with such an award. were one of the first channels for tourists to book accommodation and globally they are the largest and most active in the world handling over half a million hotels and resorts. They are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the accommodation industry.

Their letter to us reads …”Receiving a guest review award from is no small feat. Delivering such incredible experiences to your guests is the result of dedication, passion, and a lot of hard work. In 2018 you impressed your guests so much they said thanks time and again – and your exceptional property review score is one of the highest with”

So, after three consecutive years of receiving a 98% Guest Satisfaction Rating Award, what will we do next?

With luck and hard work we will do it all again in 2019!


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