31/3/2019 : The Dangers of SLS

Why care about Bio-Organics?

We are all born with a use-by date in our future. No escaping this. And both common sense and scientific knowledge prove that taking good care of our bodies, especially while we are young, will push this date further away. Why would anyone not want this?

Many products contain chemicals which are questionable or even toxic to our bodies. Many (for example Suntan Lotions) are wonderful products which save us from our excesses. Here I want to let you know about some bad chemicals of which to be wary – SLS, PG and PEG.

If you read the labels of products applied to your teeth and skin you will often find SLS and PEG listed. Skin is the largest organ in our body and one of the fastest ways to ingest chemicals so we need to be doubly wary of what we put on it.

The truth is really scary. If you suspect that washing your face makes your skin dry, shampooing gives you an itchy scalp or makes your eyes sting, or cleaning your teeth is giving you mouth ulcers, Sodium Laurel Sulphate is the likely culprit.

For the sake of brevity from this point on I will just refer to Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and its even more scary evil twin Sodium Laureth Sulphate as SLS. I will leave ingredients shown as PG or PEG (any number) for another article in the future.

There are “significant correlations” between SLS and contact dermatitis. The American College of Toxicology states SLS has “a degenerative effect on cell membranes because of its protein denaturing properties” and adds “high levels of skin penetration may occur at even low use concentration”.

Here are the top seven reasons you should not use anything containing SLS.

  1. It is a known skin irritant. When cosmetic companies need to test the healing properties of a lotion they need to irritate the skin first. What do they use to do this? SLS of course!

  2. It pollutes our groundwater. SLS is toxic to fish and other aquatic animals. It has the potential for bioaccumulation in their bodies. It is also undetected in many municipal water filters, getting into the tap water you drink.

  3. It is actually a pesticide and herbicide. It is commonly used to kill plants and insects.

  4. It emits toxic fumes when heated. Toxic Sodium Oxides and Sulphur Oxides are released when SLS is heated. Makes a hot shower with an SLS shampoo seem not quite as nice…

  5. It has corrosive properties. This includes corrosion of the fats and proteins which make up skin and muscle. SLS is found in garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers and car wash soaps.

  6. It helps other chemicals get into your body. SLS is a penetration enhancer. Its’ molecules are so small they are able to penetrate the membranes of your body’s cells. Once cells are compromised they become more vulnerable to other toxic chemicals used in conjunction with SLS.

  7. It is an eye irritant. It has been shown to cause cateracts in adults and is proven to inhibit the proper formations of eyes in small children.

These chemicals are NOT used in any products at EscapeBnB in Pottsville. This includes hand soaps, body soaps, shampoo and conditioner provided for our guests. We also personally use bio-friendly toothpaste, washing powder and comfort rinse – hence our soft fluffy towels. So here is your chance to try out good bio products. If you are interested in using any of these yourself please just ask one of your hosts.

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